cj Rusky, dj & producer, based in Augsburg, GermanyStyle: Electro-Swing, Gipsy-Tronic, Nu-Cumbia, Ethno-Fusion-Techhouse, Ghetto Funk, modern Worldmusic & more.

Biography: I was born in Munich in 1976, where I first got in contact with the sound-genre ‘Cosmic’ in the early 90s, which was my absolutly most favored sound for a long time. At the end of the 90′s, I moved to Augsburg and started to study graphicdesign there. At this time I discovered the huge output of Trip-Hop, Big-Beat& all that Ninja Tune & Mowax stuff. Driven by the Idea of combining that styles with the old Cosmic-Afro-Funky-Ragga-Ethno-Tribal-Brasil tracks, I started to remix & also had my first tries

as a dj. Over the years I were allways seeking for the good old tracks and also for the interesting new ones… – so some day I stumbled over the genre ‘Electro-Swing’ and fell in love with that sound at once! This brass-sounds, the combining of melody & dancy, stomping electro-beats…Electro-Swing, Gipsy-Tronic, Nu-Cumbia, Ethno-Fusion-Techhouse are my most favorated genres since this moment.…but there is so much more! …in communities like Soundcloud you really can enlarge your horizon!! ..Moombahton, Global-Bass, Ghetto-Funk, Glitch, all these *Step variations and so much more ;) And the creative output nowadays is still growing & it’s like a virus to me. There’s a new lil’ gem, that I can integrate into my dj-sets (or 2 do a RMX), to

find every day!